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About Us

Hi Maintenance was born in 2000 as a jewelry company. In the early stages of the company, we sold hand crafted earrings on eBay. When eBay failed, the consideration of closing the business was a serious option for CEO/President Ms. Erica Jackson until a good friend Omar Abdullah convinced her to rethink her business strategy. A new Hi Maintenance was then born but this time selling both custom made and whole sale pieces. Ms. Jackson was so determined to make it work this time, she began selling door to door, delivering pieces to customers that ordered by email, phone, and Instagram. Due to her determination and hard work, it flourished, creating an amazing following considering themselves 'Hi Maintenance Divas' earning herself the name "Ms. Hi Maintenance'. 

In 2013, Ms.Jackson was asked to create a custom body chain for a coordinator of Fashion Fights Aids. Upon her arrival to the event, she instantly fell in love with the fashion scene. She was always an intimate lover of fashion and considered herself a fashionista so she decided right then and there she wanted to try her hand at fashion design. At that moment, Hi Maintenance Couture was born!


In October 2013, she met with an amazing singer called Shontyce who gave her her first shot at the runway and her very first clothing line was created. It has been nothing but a success ever since! Hi Maintenance is an edgy clothing line for women who love to stand out; woman who want to look and feel like a diva! We make one-of-a-kind pieces that really stand out in a crowd with a mixture of sexy and bold jewelry to create a look that defines our name 'Hi Maintenance Couture'. Hi Maintenance makes clothing for all size women, kids, and men specializing in womens' clothing. The CEO believes in her brand and personally creates each piece in hopes that her love for her craft shows in her hard work. It was not an easy road to create Hi Maintenance Couture but it was all worth it in the end. Say hello to Hi Maintenance Couture!


How do I place an order?

Being that every piece is custom-made you can e-mail at or via telephone # (646) 477-1443 to schedule an appointment with measurement detail and receive a quote on pricing for all items on this site. You can also contact us on Instagram and Facebook.

Payment and Shipping

All payments are done via Paypal with secure invoices sent via email with 100% buyer protection or in person and receipts will be given for all items purchased. Shipping is based on your location. We ship to all states within the USA. For anything outside of the US, please contact us for pricing on shipping. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

All Payment are done via Paypal with secure invoices sent via email with 100% buyer protection. For all orders we ask for 50% down which is non refundable and after order is done the other 50% will be Due or NO merchandiser will be shipped nor will you be able to pick up your garment which is 100% refundable if for any reason you must return it. 

Returns & Refunds

We accept returns but only the last 50% of your purchase will be refundable. We make alterations and repair issues that you may have with the garments free of charge. This privilage is not to be abused because we have the right to refuse repairs if they are excessive and intentional.



For All Inquiries Contact Us at

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